Wet Prime Packages

Pioneer self-priming pumps are designed for reliable solids and clear liquids handling. After initial priming, they continue to reprime automatically. The Elite Series self-priming pump offers superior performance, increased reliability and reduced maintenance. All are available in a variety of different materials.

  • Rely on the best materials — Standard heavy-wall ductile iron volute and 17-4 PH stainless steel shaft for durability and peace of mind.
  • Get peak performance — A simple external shimless impeller adjustment means the user can easily adjust the tolerance between the impeller and wearplate.
  • Trust our seals — Cartridge type tungsten vs. silicon carbide mechanical seal makes for ease of maintenance and simple installation.
Package Size Max Flow Max Head Solids Size
P4097L72-D914L03 4 x 4 inches
100 x 100 mm
850 USgpm
140 feet
3 inches
75 mm
P6O12L72-D914L04 6 x 6 inches
150 x 150 mm
1,400 USgpm
5300 m³/h
120 feet
36.6 metres
3 inches
75 mm
GT3O87 3 x 3 inches
80 X 80 mm
660 USgpm
150 m³/h
160 feet
49 metres
2.5 inches
63 mm
GT4O97 4 x 4 inches
101 x 101 mm
1120 USgpm
254 m³/h
205 feet
62 metres
3 inches
76 mm
GT6O13 6 x 6 inches
150x150 mm
2250 USgpm
511 m³/h
250 feet
76 metres
3 inches
76 mm

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