Pumps for Municipal Applications

Your residents don’t want to wait for repairs; that’s why Pioneer Pumps work hard to keep you up and running. Our comprehensive line includes centrifugal trash pumps for lift stations, wastewater collection and treatment, water treatment and delivery, and bypass pumping.

Superior materials for longer life

Our stainless-steel impellers are designed to withstand the abrasive and corrosive effects of slurry or wastewater. Heavy-duty ductile iron construction ensures a long water pump life.

Ideal for lift station duty

A trailer-mounted Pioneer pump with diesel engine meets EPA requirements for lift station backup. It’s also more reliable and convenient than generator backup.

Consistent pressure, efficiently

Maintaining consistent water pressure of 40–60 psi, Pioneer trash pumps use less energy to do more work.

Continuous unattended priming

Pioneer Prime, our vacuum-assisted priming system, offers high flow of up to 44,000 gpm (10,000 m3/h) and heads to 700+ feet (210 m) with run-dry capability, providing the highest outputs and fastest priming of any company in the self-priming trash pump market.

Environmentally friendly

Our mechanical seal construction features tungsten carbide seal faces, Viton® elastomers and stainless-steel hardware for run-dry capability and no product leakage or spillover.

Extreme performance with low NPSHr

Heavy-duty, high-efficiency pumps with large impeller eye areas provide some of the lowest NPSHr in the municipal pump industry.

Pump Series Head Range Flow Range Size Range
Vacuum-Assisted Priming Up to 700 feet / 210 meters 20–44,000 USgpm / 4–10000 m3/h 1.5–30 in / 40—760 mm
Standard Centrifugal Up to 700 feet / 210 meters 20–44,000 USgpm / 4–10000 m3/h 1.5–30 in / 40–760 mm
Self-Priming Up to 200 feet / 60 meters 20—3,500 USgpm / 4—795 m3/h 1.5—10 in / 40—250 mm