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Serving Europe, Middle East, and Northern Africa

Pioneer Pump offers portable self-priming pumpsets up to 760mm in size capable of pumping more than 9500m3/hr or 22 bars of pressure

Emergency bypass pumps

Pioneer Pump launched in 2015 a range of high efficiency sewage bypass pumps capable of passing solids up to 130mm and available in 3 sizes all in fully bunded silent canopies

Pioneer Pump offers complete turnkey solutions

Through its pump hire division the company offers a complete turnkey service to its customers in the wastewater industry

Pioneer Pump Is Performance Through Innovation

Leading-edge hydraulic engineering makes our centrifugal pumps the highest performing pumps on the market. Our pumps provide better flow, higher head, greater efficiency, and unparalleled service designed to meet your unique challenges. At Pioneer Pump, we don’t just design, we deliver.

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Americas includes all of North America, Central America and Latin America

South Africa

Serving all of southern Africa

Europe, Middle East & North Africa

Europe, Middle East, Russia and Northern Africa


Servindo todo o território brasileiro

SE Asia-Pacific

SE Asia-Pacific includes Australia, New Zealand and southeast Asia