FE Select Overview

FE Select: Your Single Source for Pump Selection

Pioneer Pump®, a Franklin Electric brand, is continually looking for ways to provide easier and more convenient tools, knowledge, and resources necessary for your success. To better serve you and your business, FE Select has been enhanced to include a broader offering, making it easier to find and quote the right pump for the job at hand.

What This Means For You

Pump-Flo will no longer be available for use after JULY 6, 2021.
Easily size and select Pioneer Pump products and more with FE Select, our sole pump selection software for distributors, engineers, and contractors.

Click below to learn about the new features FE Select offers and how to get started.

FE Select offers the following features to users:

24/7 accessibility to sizing and selecting Pioneer Pump products and additional Franklin Electric product series
Product selection based on listings or application criteria
Multi-speed pump and motor performance curves including synchronous and variable speed

How to get started with FE Select:

First, create a Franklin Electric account login and then sign-on to FE Select USA
Enroll for an upcoming webinar that will provide a comprehensive overview and training of the tool