Case Study - Lagoon & Silt


“The lagoon and silt was emptied very efficiently and well within the time limit of the contract.”




International Manufacturing Facility South Wales, U.K.   




Pioneer were approached by The Project Manager of a National Facilities, Infrastructure and Logistics Company, to offer a combined jetting and pumping solution on a silt lagoon cleaning and emptying application.




A free site survey was arranged to ensure that the most efficient, effective, and financially sound solution would be offered to the customer.

After working out the volume of water to be pumped it was recommended that one of our powerful 150mm Hydraulic Submersible Pumps (150HSS) with a ‘Screw’’ type impeller coupled to our 30 Horse Power, super silent, hydraulic power packs, would suit the application well.

The project team also proposed a Pioneer 100SM, super silent, diesel engine driven self-priming pump to jet the silt from the sides of the lagoon and also agitate it from the bottom.




The main feeder stream to the lagoon was bunded with a view to it being utilised as a water source for the 100SM suction pump. Pioneer set the pump’s control panel to produce around 3 BAR of pressure through the discharge side, which was in turn adapted to accept fire hose.

The fire hose jetting nozzle included an on/off lever which offered the operative full control whilst they were working from different points around the lagoon.

Secondly the hydraulic pump end was lowered into the middle of the lagoon and connected to the power pack via 60 metres of suitable hydraulic hose, thus enabling it to be positioned in different areas of the lagoon.

The 100 metres of discharge hose was laid out to the pre-determined discharge point from the pump end.




The combination of the powerful water jet produced from the 100SM self-priming pump, coupled with the superb silt handling capacity of the 150HSS, the lagoon and the silt was emptied efficiently and well within the time limit of the contract.

Once completed, the Project Manager took time out to thank the Pioneer team and suggested that the solution produced ‘’the best ever’’ results. Given it was the first time that the client had chosen to use Pioneer’s services, this bodes well for future pumping projects.


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