UP Series

Introducing the all new UP Series Platform!

The UP Series of diesel package pumps is a platform based on standard package sizes that can be configured with various engines, pumps, trailer options and enclosure options. Designed for maximum versatility, the UP series options can be included in the original product order or added as needed at a later date. The enclosure is designed to be easily removed, making quick access to the entire assembly, reducing service time.

  • Flat-packed, bolt-on enclosure kits
  • Sound Attenuated to 68 dBa @ 7 meters
  • Designed for longer life -Aluminum enclosure -Durable plastic door -Fully powder coated
Package Size Max Flow Max Head Solids Size
PP44S10L71-D2.9L 4 x 4 inches
100 x 100 mm
1600 USgpm
370 m³/h
150 feet
50 metres
3 inches
76 mm
PP66S12L71-TD2.9L 6 x 6 inches
150 x 150 mm
3200 USgpm
730 m³/h
130 feet
40 metres
3 inches
76 mm

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