Solids Handling

Pioneer Prime vacuum prime assist pumps deliver extreme flows with high head capability and utilize our UltraPrime™ priming system. This advanced system is capable of rapid (50 CFM) unattended priming and run-dry operation for the ultimate performance in remote locations.

  • Eliminate environmental concerns due to product spillage — Our PosiValve™ stainless steel priming valve is specifically designed to eliminate product carryover.
  • Achieve better performance — Large impeller eye areas with lower NPSHr characteristics allow for higher suction lift capability.
  • Higher performance at lower horsepower — Optimized package design matches pumps with the smallest engines
Package Size Max Flow Max Head Solids Size
PP43075L71-KDW1003-GL1 4 x 3 inches
100 x 75 mm
540 USgpm
123 m³/h
133 feet
41 metres
1.63 inches
41 mm
PP44S10L71-D2.9L-GL2 4 x 4 inches
100 x 100 mm
1600 USgpm
370 m³/h
150 feet
50 metres
3 inches
76 mm
PP66S12L71-TD2.9-GL2 6 x 6 inches
150 x 150 mm
3200 USgpm
730 m³/h
130 feet
40 metres
3 inches
76 mm

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