Case Study - Pioneer Pump 250SH Quarry Application “Dry and workable for the first time in four years”




UK Quarry



250SH dewatering from the new sump on site.

The 250SH is a high head, solids handling, diesel drive, sound attenuated pumpset.



The product is pumping approximately 720 meters and moved around 450m³h to reduce the flood level and keep up with the ongoing flow into the site.



“With all quarries of this size, downtime is a huge expense. We have worked hard to make sure that the team at the quarry have as little disruption to their dig time as possible", says Matthew Guppy, Regional Sales Manager. “We have taken any worry about supply, delivery times, reliability, service, maintenance or that the pumps we supply are going to do what we say they will do. The customer just doesn’t need to worry about it anymore.”



The customer put an order in for the 250SH the week before Christmas of 2020. Pioneer had the order and delivered the next day. Order turned around and dewatering the site in 24 hours.

The site has said that since the pump was installed it is the first time in four years that they have been able to work the bottom level of the quarry through the first month of the year.

Pioneer has subsequently gained more work with this site and are essential to keeping the bottom levels of the quarry dry and workable. 


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