Pioneer Pump Launches the new EVO range, powered by the latest emission compliant Stage V diesel pumps.


Introducing the new evolutionary line up from Pioneer Pump. 40+ new pump models all powered by the latest emission compliant Stage V diesel engines. The EVO sets range in pump size from 3” (80mm) to 30” (760mm), with flows up to 10,000 m3/hr and heads to 260m.

With the new Stage V emissions technology, it has never been more critical to ensure that pump hydraulic performance is closely matched with the power output of the engine. “For this very reason, our engineers have spent hours of diligent research and development on our new EVO range to ensure we deliver a proven, field tested, reliable product to our valued customers first time – every time” comments Adam Race, Engineering Manager at Pioneer Pump.

For some operators it will be the first time that diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), diesel emission fluids (DEF) and diesel particulate filters (DPF) have had to be considered. “At Pioneer we have done our utmost to make the transition as smooth and reliable as possible, including extensive remote telemetry control and field monitoring features” says Toby Wilson, Product Manager at Pioneer Pump.

Matching engine and pump power requirements, Pioneer Pump ensure that the engine on board passive regeneration regime drastically reduces maintenance interventions and downtime.

Giving You Control

Pioneer’s standard engine control module can be monitored remotely, and alarms set up to warn operators when services are due, or engine operating parameters are outside the preferred operating condition. This reduces downtime, assists with better service scheduling, and prevents engine regeneration cycles. “When selecting suitable engines for our EVO range, it was imperative that the engines had the widest operating range possible and were able to regulate their own load without having any impact on the important matter of pumping” comments Adam Race.

Paul Skippins, Commercial Director at Pioneer Pump states, “our pump sets have evolved over the past 20 years with changing technology and application driven demands. With the introduction of Stage V emissions our wide range of EVO pump sets continues this evolution; offering market leading pumping performance, serviceability, increased fuel economy, decreased noise and significantly reduced emissions.”

With the introduction of the new engine choices, Pioneer Pump have taken the opportunity to add extra features to their packages, which includes their heavy-duty Pioneer Prime (PP) range of vacuum assisted self-priming pumps.

The Stage V range will be available to buy or hire. Visit the Stage V Landing Page or contact your local sales team for more information.