Oil and Gas Pumps

There are no tougher conditions than those of an oil or gas field. Equipment takes incredible abuse. However, regardless of the environment, the pump needs to work consistently, or you lose money. That’s why Pioneer pumps are built to last. You can depend on them so your crew can depend on you.
Pioneer Pump has a comprehensive line of centrifugal pumps available to handle drilling mud, water transfer, frac-feed and more.

Exceptional reliability

Oversized shafts and bearings, along with standard bearing isolators provide long-lasting reliability in demanding conditions.

Heavy-duty modular construction for the industrial market

Ductile iron volutes and hardened stainless steel impellers are designed for long life even when pumping abrasive liquids. Interchangeable parts for many models mean you can save money by stocking less inventory.

Extreme performance and low NPSHr

Our innovative impeller design creates exceptional suction lifts with the lowest NPSHr in the business.

Rapid unattended priming and repriming

The UltraPrime™ system on our Pioneer Prime line provides high-capacity, vacuum-assisted dry priming that’s 50 percent faster for both solids and clear liquids handling.

Superior sealing system

Our PosiValve™ mechanical seal construction features tungsten carbide vs. silicon carbide seal faces, Viton® elastomers and stainless steel hardware for run-dry capability and no product leakage or spillover.

Pump Series Head Range Flow Range Size Range
Vacuum-Assisted Priming Up to 700 feet / 210 meters 20–44,000 USgpm / 4–10000 m3/h 1.5–30 in / 40–760 mm
Standard Centrifugal Up to 700 feet / 210 meters 20–44,000 USgpm / 4–10000 m3/h 1.5–30 in / 40–760 mm
Self-Priming Up to 200 feet / 60 meters 20—3,500 USgpm / 4—795 m3/h 1.5—10 in / 40—250 mm