Standard Centrifugal Series Warranty


Seller warrants for two years from the date of shipment Seller’s manufactured products to the extent that Seller will replace those having defects in materials or workmanship when used for the purpose and in the manner which Seller recommends. If Seller’s examination shall disclose to its satisfaction that the products are defective, and an adjustment is required, the amount of such adjustment shall not exceed the net sales price of the defective products and no allowance will be made for labor or expense of repairing or replacing defective products or workmanship or damage resulting from the same. Seller warrants the products which it sells of other manufacturers to the extent of the warranties of their respective makers. Where engineering design or fabrication work is supplied, buyer’s acceptance of Seller’s design or of delivery of work shall relieve Seller of all further obligation, other than as expressed in Seller’s product warranty.


No other warranties, written or oral, express or implied, including the warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability, are made or authorized. No affirmation of fact, promise, and description of product of use or sample or model shall create any warranty from manufacturer, unless signed by the president of the manufacturer.

Seller neither assumes, nor authorizes any person to assume for it, any other obligation in connection with the sale of its engineering designs or products. This warranty shall not apply to any products or parts of products which (a) have been repaired or altered outside of Seller’s factory, in any manner; or (b) have been subjected to misuse, negligence or accidents; or (c) have been used in a manner contrary to Seller’s instruction or recommendations. Seller shall not be responsible for design errors due to inaccurate or incomplete information supplied by Buyer or its representative.