Case Study - “Planes, Drains and Auto Control”



The Thames Valley, UK Quarry


Pioneer Pump was recently approached by the Client, a Quarry Manager, to provide a dewatering scheme using Pioneer pumpsets. The products offered needed to be reliable, fuel efficient and include remote operation functionality, to manage the drainage lagoon’s water levels.

The sensitive location of the quarry, given its proximity to an RAF base, meant any failure to keep the lagoon water levels down would attract Wild Fowl. On any other site this would be welcome, however, with Military Jets taking off on a regular basis, there was a real concern that there may well be an increased chance of a bird strike!

The quarry was also operating under a strict discharge licence and breeches of this could very easily occur, particularly during the storm weather events that are becoming more common.


Working closely with the Regional Sales Team and Product Manager, the Client selected three 150SL and two 150SM pumpsets to cover all site applications. After consultation, Pioneer’s engineering team designed a reverse float system that automatically switched off the pump’s engines once the water level in the discharge Brook was at a high level.

At the customer site, the float switch control for multiple pumps was configured to suit the start/stop requirements of the application. The customer was given the ability to adjust the switching level of the lagoon to comply with the discharge license.

Lastly, the customer was given access to the telemetry control and monitoring system, which is fitted to all Pioneer fleet models. This gave the Client the capability to monitor and control the pumpsets via Pioneer’s App, which was installed on all delegated stakeholders’ smart phones. Training was also provided with the users on site. This software will notify the Client should the pump stop running at any time, 24/7; which due to the large site and spread of the pumpsets will prove invaluable.


The Quarry Manager for this project has already provided positive feedback: “I have already witnessed a significant improvement in reliability and this, coupled with higher flow rates I am getting from the Pioneer, super silent pumpsets, has led to the water level in the main lagoon dropping by over two metres and that is exactly what I was looking for!” He continued, “any potential discharge licence breeches will be a thing of the past now that the float system is operational.’’

This bodes well for the future and offers the Client the on-going peace of mind that by partnering with Pioneer Pump, any potential issues concerning water management at the quarry have been alleviated in an efficient and sustainable way.

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