Sewage, Sludge and Rags, Wastewater Pump Hire

Pioneer new vortex impeller pumps add to this global capability by offering a combination of high efficiency pumping and large solids handling capacity. Designed to handle fibrous solids and rag often seen in the most arduous sewage and wastewater applications without blocking, Pioneer Vortex series is the latest generation of designs.

Capable of flows in excess of 700m³/h and heads higher than 32m whilst still being able to pass solids up to 130mm. Pioneer Vortex range offers the users the benefits of reduced downtime and low energy consumption, in both fixed and temporary applications.

Package Size Max Flow Max Head Solids Size
100VM 100 x 100 mm
4 x 4 inches
210 m³/h
925 USgpm
37 metres
120 feet
85 mm
3.34 inches
150VL 150 x 150 mm
6 x 6 inches
330 m³/h
1453 USgpm
26 metres
85 feet
130 mm
5.2 inches
150VM 150 x 150 mm
6 x 6 inches
470 m³/h
2069 USgpm
36 metres
118 feet
125 mm
4.9 inches
200VL 200 x 200 mm
8 x 8 inches
610 m³/h
2685 USgpm
24 metres
79 feet
125 mm
4.9 inches

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