Hydraulic Submersible

Dewatering, Dredging and Desilting

A range of six hydraulic submersible pumps complete with high efficiency channel impellers or large solids handling screw impellers, designed for large solid handling and heavy sludge.

Pioneer hydraulic pumps come as standard in fully bunded, sound attenuated canopies complete with 120% containment and lockable doors, allowing the pumps to be used in urban bypass applications at less than 65dB(A) at 7 metres.

Available in a variety of sizes and impeller designs, the Pioneer hydraulic range extends the company reputation of high efficiency pumping in any application.

Package Size Max Flow Max Head Solids Size
HYPP30 60 lt/min m³/h
200 bar metres
100HSD 100 mm
4 inches
234 m³/h
1000 USgpm
42 metres
138 feet
45 mm
2 inches
100HSS 100 mm
4 inches
140 m³/h
600 USgpm
45 metres
148 feet
70 mm
3 inches
150HSD 150 mm
6 inches
345 m³/h
1518 USgpm
22 metres
72 feet
50 mm
1.9 inches
150HSS 150 mm
6 inches
350 m³/h
1540 USgpm
27 metres
88 feet
90 mm
3.5 inches
150 Hydredge 150 mm
6 inches
350 m³/h
1540 USgpm
27.5 metres
90 feet
90 mm
3.5 inches

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