Pump Hire

Solid Handling

Flood Response, Bypass, Construction, Quarry Pump Hire

Pioneer Pump designs and builds the most advanced range of solid handling dry-prime pumps. All Pioneer solid handling pumps utilise an enclosed solid handling impeller, offering oputstanding NPSHr and suction lift characteristics whilst delivering high efficiency.

All Pioneer Pump solid handling pumpsets are capable of passing solids up to 150 mm and are built in sound attenuated, fully bunded canopies.

Clear Liquid

Tank Cleaning, Dewatering, FiFi Pump Hire

Designed to operate at pressures up to 24 bar and flows beyond 2000m³/h, the Pioneer range of high pressure dry-prime pumps are built to operate in the harshest conditions with great reliability and performance.

All of the clear liquid pumps utilise Pioneer designed enclosed, multi-vane impellers offering outstanding NPSHr and suction lift characteristics. These designs are able to operate at up to 84% or more efficiency therefore offering the lowest fuel burn performance of any manufacturer, reducing cost of ownership and downtime.


Sewage, Sludge and Rags, Wastewater Pump Hire

Pioneer new vortex impeller pumps add to this global capability by offering a combination of high efficiency pumping and large solids handling capacity. Designed to handle fibrous solids and rag often seen in the most arduous sewage and wastewater applications without blocking, Pioneer Vortex series is the latest generation of designs.

Capable of flows in excess of 700m³/h and heads higher than 32m whilst still being able to pass solids up to 130mm. Pioneer Vortex range offers the users the benefits of reduced downtime and low energy consumption, in both fixed and temporary applications.

Hydraulic Submersible

Dewatering, Dredging and Desilting

A range of six hydraulic submersible pumps complete with high efficiency channel impellers or large solids handling screw impellers, designed for large solid handling and heavy sludge.

Pioneer hydraulic pumps come as standard in fully bunded, sound attenuated canopies complete with 120% containment and lockable doors, allowing the pumps to be used in urban bypass applications at less than 65dB(A) at 7 metres.

Available in a variety of sizes and impeller designs, the Pioneer hydraulic range extends the company reputation of high efficiency pumping in any application.


Accessories and equipment for any application

  • Hoses: high quality hoses in sizes up to 450mm diameter; layflat, wire armourded, HDPE, poly hose and high pressure fire hoses.
  • Fittings: strainers, reducers, increasers, adaptors, 90 degree and 45 degree bends, ANSI or DIN PN flanges
  • Road Ramps and Pedestrian Ramps: critical in minimasing impact on local environments
  • Settlement Tanks: designed to minimise pollution of any liquid discharged
  • Fuel Tank: from 1000 litres to 4000 litres capacity

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