When Downtime is Unavoidable, Keep It to a Minimum


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Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of a pump system owner quite like the thought of an unexpected shutdown,and for good reason. Downtime is lost revenue. If you’re not up and running, you’re not producing, your team is idle and you’re losing time and progressPump failures can cause a snowball effect of issues for an operation – and determining the root cause of the problem becomes mission-critical 

There’s never an opportune time for a part to fail, but there are steps you can take to make the repair process easier and faster. Consider these tips to help you plan ahead. With a little work now, you can recover from system emergencies and unexpected shutdownsfaster – and possibly avoid failures in the future. 

As featured in Pumps & Systems magazine article When Downtime is Unavoidable, Keep It to a Minimum, learn how to overcome any emergency repair situation with manufacturers recommendations from Franklin Electric's Aftermarket Inside Sales Manager Jennifer Newsome.