A New Era in Pumps

Our story started in 1998, when four dedicated professionals set out to build a new company with a single-minded focus on superior hydraulic performance. With their combined 65 years experience in the pump industry, they set out to deliver the kind of products they themselves would want to buy.

Our first products performed in a way that was previously unknown to the pump industry. We quickly surpassed our own sales goals, and within 10 years we developed a global distribution network and a sister company in the United Kingdom.

Performance Through Innovation™

Continuing to ride the leading edge of innovation, we introduced our patented priming valve in 2000, to wide acclaim. This valve provides peace of mind by protecting the vacuum pump and preventing raw pumpage from leaking into the environment.

“Performance Through Innovation” started with our superior hydraulic designs, modular construction, ductile iron housings, special alloys, superior engineering designs and excellent sales support, but was driven from our desire to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We wanted to create a company that incorporates the notion that business should be fun. Our customers expect us to say yes, and we honor our commitments. In short, we wanted to create a company we would like to have as a supplier.

Rapid Growth, New Facility

Our rapid growth required a new pump manufacturing facility. Our 43,000-square-foot facility on 4.5 acres was completed in 2007, and allowed us to increase machining capability, reduce pump lead times and ship many parts orders same-day. Our test facility incorporates a 45,000 gallon closed loop system with a 600 horsepower variable frequency control.

Today, our footprint is over 90,000 square feet in Oregon and has increased to include offices facilities in the UK, South Africa and Australia.

From the very beginning, Pioneer Pump has been a different kind of pump company. We remain steadfastly committed to pushing the limits of innovation. The future of pumps is happening today at Pioneer Pump. This is Performance Through Innovation.